We believe in fashion as art, capable of embracing enduring style and give pleasure to the senses; the result of a sustainable process with respect for the environment.

We are a newly-created brand that truly makes exclusivity accessible.



We pay particular attention to detail, creating high quality designs and carefully selecting the best fabrics on the market.

We are a brand that does not follow passing trends, we make timeless designs in very limited quantities, and with both fair and transparent pricing.

Our style is timeless but discernible. Cosmopolitan, sunny and eclectic. We take pride in creating sophisticated color combinations and versatile silhouettes; the type you can wear the whole day: from the morning coffee to that cocktail party in the evening after work.

Each garment has value, for this reason we don’t have sales and we take pride in explaining to our customers the reason behind the origin and use of each fabric, each pattern and each shape.



Unexcess: Less quantity and more quality make you dress more with less.

Unfast: Make small quantities of each style guarantee exclusivity. This is real sustainability. 

Unseason: We don ́t believe in traditional seasons. We make timeless pieces.

Untrends: We don ́t follow the ephemeral trends as they are not sustainable.

Unsales: We bet on an honest pricing policy. Offering the best price from the beginning is the fairest way to treat our customer.

Unfake: Authenticity and uniqueness is the best we have.

Unfollow: Each person defines the garment and not the other way around.

Unfashion: Is our own way of making clothes searching not the latest but the lasting fashion.

We make clothes with value for: today, tomorrow, forever.



We are a small team of professionals with years of experience in the fashion industry that got together in mid 2019 to create our dream brand. We launched MAKSU in February 2020 and have been running ever since.

Our drive for quality, detail and distinctiveness is captured in the design of our collections. Based on a combination of Italian fabrics, silks, luxury fibers and unique-hand-crafted pieces made by artisans in India. Each garment is produced in limited units in order to preserve their exclusivity and avoid overproduction.

We have an international and digital orientation, seeking and finding MAKSU women around the world.



We opened our first store in Madrid's elegant Salamanca district as an experiential retail concept, a place where the creative team interacts with the customer, sharing trends on wearability and combination, even kicking around ideas on new directions and beginnings.

Opened only two weeks before the Covid-19 lockdown was enforced, our store is both store and our office with designers working from the actual sales floor. This is the way they are inspired to develop their designs and the way we show our heart to our customers, everyone is invited to be a part of the MAKSU process.

It’s the MAKSU 360!




Maksu was born in Madrid, but this was just the beginning. As an online brand we want to communicate our philosophy and style worldwide.

We want you to be conscious of the garments you choose and feel proud of what you wear. We want you to wear our clothes for years to come, and for them to become a part of your wardrobe for generations.


We have our own factory, team and offices in Turkey.  We are an international online brand with a team divided on both sides of the Mediterranean: between Spain and Turkey.  In Turkey we find a constant source of inspiration and by having our own factory, we are able to control the entire process and manufacture with the highest quality standards. 


And then there was brilliant, bright, magical Paris… Paris is the first stop in our international expansion. We opened a temporary pop-up in the heart of the Parisian neighborhood of Marais.